WiseHealthKids® is a unique children’s health web destination (www.WiseHealthKids.com) and a platform to directly address child wellness and the prevention of childhood obesity.

This special site is designed to combine e-learning and entertainment to promote healthy choices in three categories: Eat, Play, and Live.

The site is advertising-free, and includes high-quality educational and corporate partners to give parents a choice in quality entertainment-with-a-purpose. This patent-pending curriculum learning program is able to deliver customized content to each user as desired.

While an online destination for health and wellness, many of the features promote challenges and activities offline in an effort to further movement, exercise, improved nutritional choices, community service, and family interaction.

The WiseHealthKids® platform delivers scalable, personalized health education content, a safe networking environment, extensive interactive engagement and provides for the following key elements of child health and development:

  • Fitness education and assessment to help children understand, improve and maintain physical well-being
  • Instruction in motor skills and physical activitiesdesigned to enhance physical, mental, and social development
  • Opportunities to develop positive social and
    cooperative skills
  • Instruction in healthy eating habits and good nutrition
  • Opportunities for parents and teachers to stay abreast of current research, issues, and trends in physical education

To learn more, download the WiseHealthKids® E-brochure.

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