Veteran Caregiver
“We will all either be a Caregiver or
  need a Caregiver someday”®

  ~ Linda Kreter is a peer-supported online portal to gain relevant, easy-to-access, and consumable “sound bites” of information to Caregivers who have limited time — but vast informational needs to best manage personal growth, energy, satisfying productivity, and quality of life. Click here to be redirected to

Through short videos, responses to questions, postings, radio podcasts, Meetups, and resources, VeteranCaregiver provides support not only about caregiving, but also on improved communication, navigating the military and civilian medical systems, and leadership growth opportunities for peers and families. Gaining confidence and knowledge that enables positive, informed interactions aid the caregiver, service member or veteran, and their family and friends. Listen to our recent radio show from Military Mom Talk Radio:

Resourceful families and those who learn healthy coping, communication, and advocacy skills find themselves better equipped for the next phase of their lives. We believe in the potential for Post-Traumatic Growth, and have seen more positive life outcomes resulting from military family members making a priority of learning, self-care, and positive perspectives. Happiness is a choice and we offer ways to make that choice more attainable.

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