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Military Network Radio believes in improving the status quo for each member of the military family at each stage of service. Our dynamic hosts bring varied perspectives and expertise to the broadcast and guests are selected each week for their focus on acting and doing, rather than merely talking about issues.

What’s important to you? What motivates you? What’s innovative and effective in gaining jobs, new skills, education, wellbeing, and communication? What can you learn about improving your daily quality of life and realizing your dreams? What are ways to share your expertise to help others, or to gain new skills? With our emphasis on real experiences and new or renewed resources, join us each week for information of value that improves your outlook and actions as a member of the military or veteran community, their families, and those who care about them. Everyone serves and together we make a difference.

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Military Network Radio

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Linda Kreter
Host: Linda Kreter
Justin Constantine
Co-Host: Justin Constantine
Tosombra Kimes
Co-Host: Tosombra “Tai” Kimes
Jason McNamara
Co-Host: Jason McNamara
Les Davis
Co-Host: Les Davis

Guest Testimonials

➤ “Military Network Radio is an awesome platform for those who serve our country, have served our country and their families and friends. Thank you, Linda, for bringing this much needed platform to the general public!” – Marie Cosgrove, CEO & Managing Partner, BalanceBack, Dizziness & Balance Issues:

➤ “It was a pleasure to be on the show, and appreciate your thoughtful interview style, always with a mission to find out and share what is useful to your listeners. I found the 4-segment show format a bit challenging, but it makes for a good way to keep things concise, when I got used to it!” – Jondi Whitis, Master EFT Trainer, Tapping (EFT) for Anxiety, Depression, PTSD:

➤ “I really appreciate you inviting me onto your show. It was such a great opportunity to reach your tremendous audience with my message on the need to support intimacy for our injured veterans and their lovers/caregivers. Your knowledge of the issues combined with the perfect selection of the guest host made for an interactive, engaging, and insightful hour! I look forward to coming back again!” – Dr. Mitchell Tepper, Love After War:

➤ “My book was featured on Military Network Radio not once, but twice! I have to admit, I was a bit nervous but after speaking with Linda, she immediately grounded me and when we “hit the airwaves” it was like she was sitting right next to me and we were simply having a conversation. … I was getting through to my target audience…Veterans and military members. There was an uptick of activity on my website as well as my LinkedIn Boots to Loafers Group and I can’t thank Linda and all of those with Military Network Radio enough for helping me spread the word on Boots to Loafers and helping those making the transition from the military to the private sector.

My bottom line: First, there is a wealth of knowledge to be gained by listening to one of the many podcasts on Military Network Radio. Download one and listen while you are driving to work, on a trip, or just on the road. Second, for those that want to contribute to this effort, it is a worthy cause. Connecting with Linda and Military Network Radio has been one of the many highlights of my journey with Boots to Loafers I will continue to grow and foster.” – John W. Phillips, LtCol, USA (Ret), Founder & Executive Director, Boots to Loafers, LLC, and

➤ “I had wonderful interaction doing the show. It was a first experience for me and you made the process run smooth. All the information was given with clear and concise direction. You had no “surprise” or “tricky” questions that made me feel uncomfortable answering. I identified with the other guest speaker (military) and felt comfortable with Sara as we often work together. Overall a great experience and I would love to do it again. – Tamara Thompson, MSW, LCSW, Military Sexual Trauma:

➤ “I think the show was wonderful. I’ve been interviewed many times, both on the radio, webcast and in print, for publications in the US (West and East coasts) and in Europe. Your questions were sophisticated and the level of the conversation was excellent. Since you are not in the film industry I was initially concerned about that, but your understanding of the film, and sensitivity to our release strategy vis-a-vis spoilers was excellent.

I also thought that one hour was going to be too long, but the way you have the show structured in 4 parts with some guidance in the intervals was perfect. Good luck with future shows and I hope we get invited back!” – Minos Papas, Producer/Director, Tango On the Balcony Film:

➤ “I really appreciate that you take the time of your busy schedule to host guests who have a love, concern, and care for the military community. I enjoyed being a guest and a guest co-host on your show. …The variety of guests and topics on the show broaden the conversations and information for this community of individuals no matter where they are!” – Lawanda Holliman, Certified Protocol & Etiquette Professional for transitioning women veterans: (at 30-minute mark).

➤ “Congrats on your first anniversary, and for letting us be part of your inaugural year. It was an honor to get to know you and to learn about the wide range of caregivers and their experiences, challenges and sacrifices through your good work.” – Kevin Ferris, co-author, The Mighty Moms of Walter Reed, Parent Caregivers of Wounded Warriors:

➤ “Your show that had me on as a guest was informative and fun for the listeners for one big reason: You did your homework. You read the e-books I sent you to prepare your questions, and watched my DVD, therefore, we had something to talk about.
Most interviewers ask for material but never use it to prepare, so you were a refreshing change to the normal lackadaisical methods of most interviewers. You did excellently at being prepared and we had a good interview.” – Brian Wizard, Smokeships Always Leading the Way; a Story of Vietnam:

➤ “HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MILITARY NETWORK RADIO!!!!! … being interviewed by you on the Military Network Radio was simply a blast! As an interviewer you were warm, friendly and engaging. You asked us real world questions in relation to issues confronting veterans transitioning from military to civilian life, which is the subject matter of our recent book Lessons Learned: A Little Book of Big Military Ideas.

But our interviewing experience with you was so much more! You did not simply grant us an opportunity to plug our book. You allowed us, through your insightful questions to discuss and elaborate on its focus on issues relevant to those faced by our fellow veterans. As an interviewer, I found you both personal and professional.… Please keep broadcasting and thank you for providing a voice for veterans that is being heard!” – Michael T. Leslie, coauthor of Lessons Learned; A Little Book of Big Military Ideas:

➤ “Happy first anniversary to Military Network Radio. It was a great experience being a guest and having the hosts ask questions that were thoughtful and intelligent. Having the podcast as well as the terrific questions really helped our book…Unbreakable Bonds: The Mighty Moms and Wounded Warriors of Walter Reed get the attention it deserved.

Spreading the word about the important role military caregivers play in helping their warriors heal was invaluable. Thank you Linda and your team for helping in this important mission. Keep up the good work! Military Network Radio needs to celebrate many more anniversaries to come!” – Dava Guerin, co-author, The Mighty Moms of Walter Reed, Parent Caregivers of Wounded Warriors:

➤ “… I’ll come back anytime you need a guest. I really enjoyed my experience. I can’t really think of anything to improve the process. I thought the show was a great venue for connecting with a military audience and it was run very well!” – Byron Chen, author of Barracks to Boardrooms, Negotiating Your Salary After Serving in the Military:

➤ “I had a great experience on the show and am open to it in the future for any other subjects you would see fit for me to be a part of!” – Michael Paul, Founder of On Target 4 Veterans, Resilience After Spinal Cord Injuries:

➤ “My feedback on your network radio program couldn’t be more positive! You did a great job of keeping in touch with me in the days leading up to the show, making sure I was completely comfortable with all that would be expected. You made sure I was well versed on your cues and both the goal and direction of the program. You did a phenomenal job of directing the show – just keeping things moving and asking meaningful questions to prompt further discussion. I think you did an amazing job with transitions and in tying up the conversation as we took commercial breaks. I couldn’t have asked for a better, smoother, more professional experience.” – SMSgt Hope Skibitsky, Resilience Trainer, Travis AFB, Strength-Based Living,

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